Re: [approved] Mhonarc conversion voids message body.

2002-12-23 17:06:41
On December 23, 2002 at 13:07, "David D. Piney" wrote:

I'm getting a new glitch using mhonarc 2.5.13.

BTW, you may be interested in the security advisory archived at

I assume it's because I 
recently changed to a Eudora stationery format for my news service. When 
converting this batch of email to html, mhonarc says "No boundary 
delimiters found in message body, or No boundary delimiters found in 
multipart body", for each of the messages. The end result is the 
elimination of the message body, in every message converted.

If anyone knows the solution I'd sure appreciate your help.

I believe Eudora modifies the message and saves off attachments
separately.  The problem is that it leaves the same MIME headers,
so if a 3rd-party tool processes an Eudora mailbox, you get problems.

As with mhonarc, the warnings indicate problem with message formatting,
however, I have tried to add fallback code so you still get something.
Can you provide some sample input data the causes no message bodies to
show up?


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