Newbie - should I even be trying?!

2003-02-05 17:28:25
[**I tried sending this message yesterday, but there
seemed to be problems. Please forgive me therefore if
it appears twice**]

I am extremely new to all of this - Unix environments,
perl etc. However I think I am reasonably quick to
learn and have some experience developing applications
on toy computers (windows). I am prepared to put in
some time and effort, and would enjoy learning
something in this area.

My situation is as follows: I have recently set up a
small mailing list and would very much like to archive
it on our website. My ideal solution would be to
subscribe a particular address @ our domain to our
list, and have Mhonarc automatically pick up any
message passing through our mailbox that has been sent
to that address.

* We only have rented webspace, though of course with
its own cgi bin. Setting up Mhonarc will therefore
need to be done manually my end, and the various
scripts etc FTPed.
* I do not have direct control of our mailbox, but my
ISP says it is quite possible them to alias specific
mail to a script (but I don't know if this can
actually be made to do what I want). What I do know is
that they are not going to bend over backwards to help
me, so I would have to tell exactly how I wanted this
set up.

Obviously if someone reading this volunteered to get
on a plane, come and give me intensive tutorials for a
week and then walk me through this step by step, then
that would be great. However, I would be prepared to
settle for a nudge in the right direction!

First, is this actually possible? In particular, will
my ISP be able set up a scenario where Mhonarc is
invoked simply by the arrival of particular mail? (If
it helps any, my email headers all suggest that they
use Postfix, in conjunction with MySQL).
Second, I have read all the documentation about
installation, FAQ's and even some posts similar to
mine (there were some around last September for
example), but unfortunately nothing has been directly
relevant or comprehensible to me. Is there a resource
aimed at complete beginners? Or is it actually not
that bad, and someone can give me an answer here
without having to write a book?

I would be very grateful for any pointers at all,
especially any which help me decide whether to jump in
and have fun with this, or run fast in another


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