Re: Footer lost when any attachement is present

2003-02-05 19:10:43
On February 5, 2003 at 23:35, Ruben Gaspar wrote:

Yes, I was aware of that, but as Mhonarc is normally working with the
archive (we don't use encriptation at the moment, eventhough it was a good
point), I didn't know if it was possible to detect this last part and 
to the contain of the body of the message (so restructuring the mail). 

Anything is possible :-)

As of now, MHonArc ignores any data after the terminating boundary of
a multipart message.  It is possible to modify the code to treat any
data afterwords as a text/plain part, but it would go against RFC 2046:

   There appears to be room for additional information prior to the
   first boundary delimiter line and following the final boundary
   delimiter line.  These areas should generally be left blank, and
   implementations must ignore anything that appears before the first
   boundary delimiter line or after the last one.

   NOTE:  These "preamble" and "epilogue" areas are generally not used
   because of the lack of proper typing of these parts and the lack of
   clear semantics for handling these areas at gateways, particularly
   X.400 gateways.  However, rather than leaving the preamble area
   blank, many MIME implementations have found this to be a convenient
   place to insert an explanatory note for recipients who read the
   message with pre-MIME software, since such notes will be ignored by
   MIME-compliant software.

The term MUST is used about ignoring the preamble and epilogue areas.

The NOTE says nothing about the use of the "epilogue" area, but
the use of the "preamble" area is common by some MUAs stating something
like, "This is MIME formatted message ..."

Modifying MHonArc's code to support the processing of trailing
data depends on how important such a feature is needed by you.


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