[approved] Re: Newbie - should I even be trying?!

2003-02-05 22:18:13
Barnaby Scott wrote:
My situation is as follows: I have recently set up a
small mailing list and would very much like to archive
it on our website. My ideal solution would be to
subscribe a particular address @ our domain to our
list, and have Mhonarc automatically pick up any
message passing through our mailbox that has been sent
to that address.


First, is this actually possible?


Is there a resource aimed at complete beginners?

Yes, sort of.

Actually, I have written a help script for MHonArc with people in precisely your (and mine) situation in mind. It will be included as a contributed script in next MHonArc release, but you can easily pick it up from

Read the description, especially the examples, download the script, and give it a try. And don't hesitate to ask for help here.

/ Gunnar

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