Refreshing the HTML mails.

2003-02-20 13:24:51
My Problem Description:
I have been using Mhonarc for converting emails to HTML format. When i
installed Mhonarc for the first time, I played around with the .mhonarc.mrc
file in my home directory and had put some simple HTML code for headers on
the index files and individual messages.
But now i want to update this .mhonarc.mrc file with new HTML code (i want
to include a style sheet), and i want this to be reflected on all my past
e-mails that are already converted..

Can this be done..?

(I have not deleted any of my emails from my InBOX. So deleting all the HTML
files and re-running mhonarc on my inbox might be an option. but I want to
know if there is anything else that i can do)

Any help appreciated.


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