Re: Refreshing the HTML mails.

2003-02-20 16:14:10
On February 20, 2003 at 13:22, "Shashank Khanvilkar" wrote:

I have been using Mhonarc for converting emails to HTML format. When i
installed Mhonarc for the first time, I played around with the .mhonarc.mrc
file in my home directory and had put some simple HTML code for headers on
the index files and individual messages.
But now i want to update this .mhonarc.mrc file with new HTML code (i want
to include a style sheet), and i want this to be reflected on all my past
e-mails that are already converted..

Can this be done..?

It depends on the nature of your changes.  The -editidx option can
be used to apply resource file changes to existing archives.  However,
the converted message header and message bodies will not inherit any
changes, only new message will.  Everything else can be changed.

For example, if you change the FIELDORDER resources, existing archived
messages will not be affected (even with -editidx), but any new
messages added will be.

As noted in the Page Layout section of the documentation, the
"converted message header" and "converted message body" is static.
All other layout resources are dynamic.

See the EDITIDX resource and Page Layout section of the docs for
more information.


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