Re: resources to make a pretty threaded view

2003-02-20 16:32:19
On February 20, 2003 at 14:52, "John R. LoVerso" wrote:

Actually, frames.mrc is what I'm using already.  However, it is very ugly!
I just want something that is more pleasing, such as the Google Groups layout

Then customize it to get what you desire.  frames.mrc is very old and
existed before Google Groups, and probably Google itself.

It illustrates what can possibly done with MHonArc layout resources,
it is not intended to be a complete solution for all.

frames have the major drawback of not being friendly to non-graphical brows

Use a better browser?  "links" is a text-based non-graphical browser that
works great with frames.  (Try it on the Google Groups example).

I'm aware of links and w3m, both which support frames.  However, for
many frame-oriented layouts, it generally requires that you are using
a terminal window wider than 80 columns to avoid horizontal scrolling.

BTW, from a usability standpoint, horizontal scrolling is bad, and
should be avoided.  Even with a GUI browser, I have to have a very
wide window to get the side thread view frame and the message view
pane to appear without horizontal scrollbars in Google Groups.

Note, using something like $TSLICE$ gives you the ability to
provide a thread context when viewing a message without the problems
of frames.  For example, see the start of this discussion thread at
and checkout the Current Thread listing provided on each message page.


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