Re: mharc/mhonarc problem

2003-03-13 19:07:21
On March 13, 2003 at 16:01, Sunita Rajagopal wrote:

actually i have  this in my common.mrc file, what do I change it to.

<MIMEArgs override>
m2h_external::filter;   inline useicon
m2h_text_plain::filter; attachcheck quote maxwidth=80
m2h_text_html::filter;  notitle

doesn'rthe above filter mean it is going to handle html messages also
properly, if not what filter should I include.

m2h_text_html::filter is the default HTML filter.  For security
reasons, the filter strips out DHTML-type markup to avoid cross-site
scripting (XSS) attacks.

Information about the filter, including options to
allow markup to not be stripped, is described in
the MIMEFILTERS reference page of the documentation:

Make sure to read the various security cautions and notes when using
some options.

Note, if the messages include a text/plain alternative to the HTML
part, you can add the following resource to help avoid the security
problems of HTML mail:


You may want review the Security section of the FAQ before making
any changes:


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