Re: [approved] Could not parse date for message

2003-03-13 20:10:23
On March 13, 2003 at 17:13, Sutapa Maity wrote:

Because of unrecognized date format, every time I run mhonarc, it creates an 
additional message for the same message. How to prevent that happening.

The warning message you provided indicates that the message does
not have a message-id.  Therefore, each time you pass the message
into mhonarc, it thinks it is a new message.  MHonArc uses the message-ids
to track which messages have been archived.

Note, if the Digest::MD5 Perl module is installed, MHonArc is able
to detect message without IDs that have already been archived.

Also, "Why does a message get split into mulitple messages with no headers?" 
link doesn't work. Hence, I could check that.

Link error.  The proper link is


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