[approved] Re: Continuing problems with converting Eudora.

2003-03-19 16:26:17
Thanks for responding Horst. Your site looks great.

I guess it must be the stationary I use as a logo that's causing the problem, if you have eudora version 5.1 too. But eudora's always activating the overtype function on me when I'm not expecting it, and the ad screen is in the way of a full screen, so I'm reluctant to invest too much time trying to figure it out.

Though I just checked and I'm using Active Perl 5.6.1.
Do you think that would make a difference?


At 08:30 AM 3/18/03 +0100, you wrote:
On March 17, 2003 at 12:52, \"David D. Piney\" wrote:

> I\'m trying to learn the perl language but it\'s frustrating, since I\'ll use
> it so rarely. Should I create an RC file to address the very wide
> horizontal scroll bar problem, and the removal of html in the converted
> messages from eudora\'s stationery? (Yet the tags still remain in message body
> )


here I also use Eudora as mailclient.
I do not have any problems converting the mailbox (leafnode.mbx) to an archive.
(Win XP, ActivePerl 5.8.0 build 805)

You may have a look to the results at:    (german) (english)

A nice day to all of you
Horst Fischer

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