Re: perl newbie

2003-05-05 11:04:19
On May 3, 2003 at 09:23, Iztok Stotl wrote:

I don't understand how this perl stuff works (I work with PHP) ... where 
should I point my broser to see MhoNarc pages ?

MHonArc is written in Perl, but to use it, you do not have to know
Perl.  You run in it like any other Unix command.  MHonArc generates
HTML pages, so you would load the files as you do any other HTML page.

I did and I got no error messages ...

What now ?

I should edit some templates now (documentation says so ). Where are 
they ? I have found only some .mrc files in the example dir ... 
instalation didn't install any .mrc files on my disk (find) ;(

Have read throught the "Quick Start" and "Common Tasks" sections
of the documentation?


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