Re: resources - layout

2003-05-05 11:20:00
On May 4, 2003 at 02:28, "John Kim" wrote:

i'm just getting started with using mhonarc and have it properly installed 
and running.
however, i want to be able to generate a webpage that is easier to browse 
through. is there an example of a resource file available that i could use? 
( maybe, is there any  information of getting a layout similiar to

The lists use mharc, <>,
and the base resource file used comes with the
mharc distribution.  You can also see get it at

NOTE: The resource file uses custom resource variables that are defined
by mharc scripts, so you will have to make some edits if you are only
using mhonarc.

i looked through the examples included in the distribution and i wasn't 
clear on what needed to be changed.

The "Page Layout" section provides the resources used to control
page markup.


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