Re: set mhonarc with qmail and Ecartis

2003-05-05 11:22:28
On May 4, 2003 at 09:04, swapna ghosh wrote:

Hi          I had installed Ecartis mailing manager   with the  sendmail 
environment  and installed MHonarc. Mhonarc is working fine with that 
environment. I have generated the mhonarc archive from one mail box which 
was set to the admin mailbox of Ecartis.        Now recently i insalled 
Ecartis with qmail environment . I want to install the Mhonarc. Now how i 
will access the mailbox of qmail? Can any one give me some idea? So that 
i can access the mailbox as i did in my earlier set up. Once i can accees 
the mailbox of qmail , i think the rest of the process will be same as i 
did in my earlier installation....  Help is appreciated. Thanks in 

See <>.

You should also checkout qmail's maildir manpage to get more information
about qmail's message delivery model.


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