Re: Using mHonarc with Exchange?

2003-05-08 14:00:47
On May 8, 2003 at 10:37, Hugo Bouckaert wrote:

I am currently using MHonArc on a linux box with sendmail (on another 
unix machine) as the server from which I process certain mailboxes and 
it works beautifully. However, we are soon changing to Exchange for our 
mail server and I am wondering if MHonArch can process mail folders (at 
the server end) of Exchange as well.

I must confess that at this stage I do not know much about Exchange - 
are its server mailboxes flat files like those of sendmail? Or does 
Exchange perhaps have a native method of  converting mail to html and 
hence there is no need to adapt MHonArch to be used with it?

Exchange has its own propietary format for storing mail.
See <>
as a start of what you will have to do.

BTW, why are you switching to Exchange?  Corporate mandate?


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