Re: Using mHonarc with Exchange?

2003-05-09 11:04:41
On May 9, 2003 at 13:29, Hugo Bouckaert wrote:

I was thinking: would it not be easier to set up a separate sendmail 
server on my linux box, forward emails for those mailboxes I want to 
create html for from Exchange to sendmail, then process them with 
MhonArc from sendmail's mail folders?

That should be possible, certainly?

Depends on the specifics.  For example, how would the forwarding
be done?  If messages are sent to you linux box as just another
receipient, then it should work easily.  However, if you have
to manually forward messages, the format of the forwarded messages
could require some extra pre-processes before you have mhonarc
process the messages.


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