Re: Command not found

2003-06-11 12:10:44
On June 11, 2003 at 11:37, Wojciech Komornicki wrote:

"Jan" == Jan Wolski <redwoodjan(_at_)yahoo(_dot_)com> writes:

  Jan:> I've just installed MHonArc2.6.3.  The install appeared to go
  Jan:> smoothly and, to my untrained eye, it looks like all the correct
  Jan:> directories were created and the files are in the right place.
  Jan:> However I'm being told by bash that the mhonarc command can't be
  Jan:> found.  My unix is rusty, and I've never used bash before, but
  Jan:> my guess is that a path was not specified for the command.
  Jan:> Doesn't the install do that for me? makes it so mhonarc itself has the proper path to perl
and that it can automatically find its libraries when it starts.
It does *not* modify your shell environment in any way.

  Jan:> Here's what I entered and the results I got:

  Jan:> [big/dom/xcfidsselfhelp/MHonArc2.6.3 ]$ mhonarc -outdir /big/dom/xcfi
dsselfhelp/www/lessons /big/dom/xcfidsselfhelp/janwolski/csh1/archive/[0-9]* 
-title "CSH1 Archive" -ttitle "CSH1 Threaded Archive"
  Jan:> bash: mhonarc: command not found

  Jan:> I'd sure appreciate your help, it would take me hours to dig out
  Jan:> all my unix stuff to try to figger this out.

as if you are in the install directory.  Execute the command
     ls mhonarc
to see if mhonarc is in this directory.  If it is replace your command
      mhonarc -outdir ...
      ./mhonarc -outdir ...

or set your path with the command

BAD IDEA.  Puting '.' in your path is a local security risk.  Whatever
bin install pathname you specified when running, add that
pathname to your PATH environment variable.  You typically do that
in your .bashrc file in your home directory:

  export PATH=${PATH}:/path/installed/mhonarc/into/here

Always have full pathnames in your PATH.

Any changes you make to your .bashrc will require that you restart
your current shell process (i.e. login and logoff) or explicitly source
the file:

  . $HOME/.bashrc

Anytime I run a program that is located in the current working directory,
I always use

  ./program-name ...

I leave it as an exercise for the reader on why have '.' in your
search path is a security risk :-)


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