Re: Using MHonArc as more than an archive?

2003-06-23 13:17:06
On June 23, 2003 at 10:24, Steve Rothman wrote:

Some things I can think of that would make MHonArc even better for this kind
of use would be:

* Some sort of link on each page so that the message being read could be
responded to, back to the mailing list address, with the appropriate subject
line, from line, and headers, so it would work properly with the threading.
I guess this would require some sort of script that is executed at the time
the user clicks the link.

Another user provided an example of how to use a mailto link.

The problem with using a form is that it can be exploited to spam
the list.  The form would have to have restricted access to avoid
this problem.  I.e.  You must have some way to authenticate the
composer of the message to prevent anyone to send messages to the list.

* Some way to (optionally) view the contents of an entire thread at a time.

As part of a custom development contract, I developed a front-end
that generated discussion pages along with regular archive pages.  The
discussion pages would contain all the messages for a given thread.


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