Re: How to keep Javascript intact?

2003-07-09 01:08:16
On July 8, 2003 at 17:54, Harshal Chhaya wrote:

I added some Javascript to an HTML-formatted newsletter (the
subscribers really want a formatted and hyperlinked version)
and found that the archived version had filtered out the

I grepped the source and found that the filter() function in is that one that probably removed the Javascript
from the email. I am guessing that the 'allowscript' argument 
will tell filter() to keep the Javascript but I can't figure
out how to set the argument.

See the MIMEARGS resource along with MIMEFILTERS.

BTW, I would advise against using Javascript in HTML mail.  Any
security conscience user would have Javascript disabled for HTML mail,
so any scripting you include in your message would be ineffective.

Also, it is a security risk.  If you must enable scripting, make
sure you can trust all the people that are able to post to your
list.  Otherwise, you open up your archive to XSS exploits.


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