Re: How to keep Javascript intact?

2003-07-14 12:27:57
On July 9, 2003 at 15:12, Harshal Chhaya wrote:

I can't figure out how to use both 'allowcomments' and 'allowscript' 
in MIMEArgs. I tried

m2h_text_html::filter; allowscript allowcomments


m2h_text_html::filter; allowscript 
m2h_text_html::filter; allowcomments

but neither preserves both the script and the comments within.

The first version is correct way.  In the second version, only
the last m2h_text_html::filter entry will be recognized.

How do I enable both these arguments to the filter?

You have encountered a bug.  A quick look at the source shows
that allowcomments has no effect and comments are always stripped.

Please submit a bug report at
<>.  Once
done, I should be able to check-in a quick fix into CVS.


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