Re: lib/lists.def filter by Subject?

2003-07-14 16:46:28

My reply was directed to the mharc-user's list since this is
mharc-specific question and not a mhonarc question.

Sorry about sending it to the wrong list.

I tried it and it turned up a bug in mharc.  Here is my lists.def
minus the comments:

Description: Admin Messages for lists
From-Address: Majordomo@
From-Address: majordomo@
From-Address: mailman-owner@
From-Address: .*-request@
From-Address: .*-help@
Period: year
Final: 1
Name: .r32q_mailerd_messages
Description: Mailer Daemon Messages
From-Address: MAILER-DAEMON@
Period: year
Final: 1
Name: biomail
Description: biomail Biology Division Mailing List
From-Address: biomail(_at_)caltech(_dot_)edu
From-Address: owner-biomail(_at_)its(_dot_)caltech(_dot_)edu
Address: biomail(_at_)caltech(_dot_)edu
Address: owner-biomail(_at_)its(_dot_)caltech(_dot_)edu
Period: year
Final: 1
Name: resolver
Description: Rosetta Resolver Mailing List
From-Address: .
Procmail-Condition: *
Period: year
Final: 1
Name: caltech-weekly
Description: Caltech weekly updates and other announcements
From-Address: (_dot_)*(_at_)(_dot_)*caltech(_dot_)edu
Period: year
Final: 1

The problem was that 

% make

generated a procmailrc.mharc with the last two mailing lists
in the opposite order.  Which is no good because the last
list is supposed to catch all messages from that
are not in some other group.  If the order is reversed messages
from on site about ROSETTA end up in the caltech-weekly list.

For right now I fixed this by manually editing procmail.mharc
to restore the original order.

Why does mharc change the order listed in lists.def when
it creates procmailrc.mharc?

There isn't much else to work with in the caltech-weekly list.
The only other common element is in the message body itself,
which is supposed to end with (but doesn't always :-( ):

  You are receiving this via the Personnel
  Directory database.  If you prefer receiving memos
  on paper, please email directory(_at_)caltech(_dot_)edu or drop
  a note to Directory 1-71. 


David Mathog
Manager, Sequence Analysis Facility, Biology Division, Caltech

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