CPU load

2003-07-18 03:27:29
I got a CPU burden with
~# top
for a mhonarc process of 99% as a "peak" value and 20% of memory usage.
My concern is that other tasks as a shoping cart are delayed when I am
using mhonarc with a higher data volume.

1. How to measure the "average" CPU load?
When I try to use a longer period for refreshing as
~# top s d60
I estimated a average value. but I got no value for a mhonarc process.
Is _top_ only a peak measure tool or may I use it to get a average

2. How to control priority?
When I use a cron job to trigger, I might reduce the priority of the
mhonarc process by _NICE_.
But how may I adjust the priority of the normal tasks as background
Thanks, Wilhelm

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