archive rolling/cron jobs

2003-07-18 17:32:33
I am a relatively new user of mhonarc and plan to use it with Mailman and
possibly Ht-dig.

I have mhonarc running in it's out-of-the-box mode. I plan to archive about
50 lists and make them each searchable. I have a couple of initial
questions. I have read the FAQ and searched the various list archives.

1- I will be running mhonarc as a cron job. Would I have to run a separate
mhonarc command for each list and could it be as simple as issuing the
mhonarc command with an RC file specified and various command line switches
( I haven't read up on RC files yet)?

2- Does mhonarc have an capabilities of rolling archives, so that I could
specify changing monthly, quarterly, annually, or whatever? It looks like
users have come up with some home-grown solutions, but I am wondering what
the most common thing to do is.

I do have Procmail because I am using Postfix, but I haven't fully utilized
the features. Should I be investigating Procmail to do this archive

3- What about mharc for making archive rotating easier?

I would like to get away from manual archive rotating, copying and moving
folders, etc. Any ideas would be helpful. I realize there are alot of
questions here.

Christopher Adams

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