Re: archive rolling/cron jobs

2003-07-22 09:18:20
Earl Hood wrote:
On July 21, 2003 at 17:27, Harshal Chhaya wrote:
I don't think that mhonarc can handle log rolling on its own so you
have 2 choices - either create/adapt a script that manages the archives
for you or use a tool like rotatelogs 
rotatelogs.html) or logrotate (

I think two different things are getting mixed up here.  MHonArc
archives are not logs, therefore, using log rotating software will
not work with mhonarc archives.

Sorry for any confusion. I used 'logs' above to refer to 'archived email' 
not the archive files generated and maintained by mhonarc. For eg. I keep
my list email archived by month. The saved email for the current month is
stored in <list_name>-arc and previous months are stored by name 
(june2003-arc, may2003-arc etc.). What I was trying to say is that
this 'rotation' of archived email can be done by software that
handles other logs. Creating date-based archives from mhonarc will
have to be done in your script (or by mharc which I have not used).

I hope this makes matters clearer.


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