Re: archive rolling/cron jobs

2003-07-21 21:47:21
On July 18, 2003 at 15:33, "Christopher Adams" wrote:

1- I will be running mhonarc as a cron job. Would I have to run a separate
mhonarc command for each list and could it be as simple as issuing the
mhonarc command with an RC file specified and various command line switches
( I haven't read up on RC files yet)?

It will probably be easier to have a controler script that calls mhonarc
on the lists to archive.  This way you only have to register one script
to cron, and when you add more lists, you just have to edit the script
and leave cron alone.

2- Does mhonarc have an capabilities of rolling archives, so that I could
specify changing monthly, quarterly, annually, or whatever? It looks like
users have come up with some home-grown solutions, but I am wondering what
the most common thing to do is.

MHonArc does not provide this feature.  Mharc does.

I do have Procmail because I am using Postfix, but I haven't fully utilized
the features. Should I be investigating Procmail to do this archive

I think "rotating" is the wrong term here.  What you want is direct
the mail to period-based archives.

3- What about mharc for making archive rotating easier?

Mharc will probably solve most, if not all, of your problems.  It
is designed for archiving many lists and provides monthly, or yearly,
periods for each list archive.  For searching, namazu is used.  The
main reason is that namazu is easier to use and it is mhonarc aware.
Mharc takes advantage of this awareness by provided enhanced navigational
features in the archives.

The archives, <>, use
mharc.  See <> for more information.
There is a separate mailing list for mharc user support.

I would like to get away from manual archive rotating, copying and moving
folders, etc. Any ideas would be helpful. I realize there are alot of
questions here.

Give mharc a try.  It is designed to simplify alot of archive
administration tasks.

Note, the model that Harshal described on how he manages his archives
has some similarities to how mharc operates.  Mainly, that
you have a special user account that you subscribe to each list
that you want archived.  This keeps the web archive management
completely independent of the list management software (and it allows
you to archive lists that you do have direct management over).


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