Large archive conversion problem

2004-03-05 09:32:09

I am having trouble in converting large archives ( since 1990 ).

All my emails are in .txt format  on SunOS cdnemailweb.Cadence.COM 5.8
Generic_108528-19 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-80


Here are my trials :

1. mhonarc -add /usr1/archives/*.txt  ( doesn't work ) fails with
Arguments too long


2. find /usr1/archives/ | xargs cat > /tmp/mbox

    mhonarc -add /tmp/mbox

   fails with Unable to create temp file   Too many open files error


   I increased limit to 1024 using limit command

   This time I will get Unable to create temp file Bad file number


3. I did a cat on all files by year / quarter ( No use still above
problem )

    cat on all files by year and month works but takes longer time than
what I expected.


   Is there any simple solution to process these large archives.


Thanks for all your help.










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