RE: Large archive conversion problem

2004-03-05 13:46:17
Thanks for your replies

I think I did not explain the problem clearly

I don't have any problem creating one single mailbox file. But after I
start converting them into html from mhonarc I am getting errors like
"Too many files open" or "Bad file number"

After successfully generating " pft_afe2002qt3" I run following command

/usr/bin/mhonarc -add /tmp/pft_afe2002qt3 -rcfile
/usr2/emailweb/mhonarc/rc_main -title pft_afe -ttitle pft_afe -sort
-reverse -treverse -outdir /usr2/emailweb/archives_html/pft_afe/

This is the error Message I am getting

ERROR: Unable to create temp file
"/usr2/emailweb/archives_html/pft_afe//atchbquvgxXYW7": Too many open

If I do limit descriptors 1024  ( increasing the open files count ) I am
getting below error

ERROR: Unable to create temp file
"/usr2/emailweb/archives_html/pft_afe//atchbquvgxXYW7": Bad file number


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On Fre, 2004-03-05 at 16:32, Rangesh Kona wrote:
2. find /usr1/archives/ | xargs cat > /tmp/mbox

    mhonarc -add /tmp/mbox

   fails with Unable to create temp file   Too many open files error

Try using a loop, with bash it looks something like:

for i in $(ls . | grep .txt) ; do
      cat $i >> /tmp/mbox

-- Daniel