RE: Large archive conversion problem

2004-03-05 11:41:04
Hi Harshal,

May not be exactly this 

        xargs *.txt | mhonarc -add

but similar kind of command.

Still I get the same problem of "Too many files open" or "Bad File
number" error .

Increasing descriptors to 1024 with limit command avoided "Too many
files open" problem but got "Bad file Number" error.

I don't know how to avoid "Bad File number" error?


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Hi Rangesh,

Since it seems like all your messages are in individual text files,
why not just add them one at a time? Sure, it will take a long time
but I imagine that this is a one-time process.

Have you tried something like

      xargs *.txt | mhonarc -add

If I mis-understood your configuration, please clarify.


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