RE: Creating a Mhonarc archive from MS Outlook emails

2004-03-15 17:35:53
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  First -- a tremendous amount of thanks for this tip.  I've been struggling
to figure out how to get my old Emails out of these Outlook archives, and
this trick works great!

  One question -- when you talk about HTML formatting being lost by
Thunderbird, what type of formatting do you mean?  The only things that
don't seem to translate well are HTML image attachments -- like spliced
images -- but I'm mostly getting that in Email advertising which I don't
care about so much.  The rest of formatting, fonts, color, etc, seem to come
across fine.

  I'm using Thunderbird 0.5 (your message indicates 0.4) -- did it change
that much between those versions?

I have not yet tried 0.5, so perhaps that resolved the problems I
experienced. In my case, almost all HTML formatting in the message body was
lost, so that most special characters, formatting, and font changes were

That struck me as a defect in the conversion routine, but when I looked at
the notes for 0.5 I do not recall seeing reference made to the conversion
routine, so I did not bother to try upgrading. Also, Netscape appears to use
the same conversion routine and I had the same problems with it. Since
Netscape was a much more mature product, I assumed that if it didn't work in
Netscape, then it was unlikely to be fixed in Thunderbird.

  Just curious -- thanks.

  Side question -- are there any practical limits to the number of messages
MHonArc can convert into an archive?  I've been testing in batches of 350,
and it only takes a few minutes on my laptop.  But, if I try to dump
thousands of messages in there will I hit some limit of what can be
processed?  Thanks in advance.


Batches of 600 or so only take a few minutes on my klunky old PII-350 PC, so
unless there is some routine that goes wild hogging memory, I suspect it
would not be a problem.


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