Re: errors

2004-03-25 17:00:06
Gunnar Hjalmarsson wrote:
Tim Gwinn wrote:
I had to modify the following line in the routine "sub shell":
   if ($command eq 'mhonarc' or $command =~ /^mha-d/) {
   if ($command eq '' or $command =~ /^mha-d/) {

After this change, the commandline worked

I see. You have obviously renamed 'mhonarc' to ''. That
may have been useful when you run MHonArc from your Windows command
line, but unnecessary when running it via As you
noticed, presupposes the original file name 'mhonarc',
so you could just have renamed it back to the original name.
Anyway, your fix is sufficient.

The above observation made me conclude that there is no reason to not
accept file extensions, so I changed that line in the original script

    if ( $command =~ /^(?:mhonarc|mha-d)/ ) {

Thanks for calling my attention to it, Tim!

Gunnar Hjalmarsson