mhonarc-users errors

2004-03-23 14:45:54

A question about I have installed it (and the corresponding
Mhonarc files) per the instruction on your website, and believe I set the
config parameters correctly. When I ran it, I got alot of the initial
paragraph on my screen along with an error regarding Carp. Seeing that the
Carp error had to do with having a lower version (1.14 I think it was) than
the 1.20 apparently required, I set the $errordir variable to '/mherrors'.

I then created a directory for '/mherrors' and set it to 666. Running the
program now told me it could not open the '/mherrors/ERRORLOG.TXT' file.
("No such file or directory" was the error.)

I then created a zero-byte file in /mherrors entitled ERRORLOG.TXT and set
it to 666. Same error message still occurs.

Any thoughts?