Newbie Questions

2004-11-08 14:28:54

I've just installed MHonArc on my server, which was a task because I have never 
used telnet/ssh before today, so I needed to learn that first. That should give 
you a sense of by newbie-ness. Smart enough to get telnet working and install 
MHonArc, but apparently not smart enough to do much else (see below).

I have a few dopey questions:

    (1) After the initial installation, is there a web page you can go to on 
your site that is a MHonArc home page or something?

    (2) For some reason, if I type in any commands other than mhonarch -v I get 
a message telling me what the proper monarch usage is, and then a long list of 
commands.  However, if I type in a command like mhonarc -reverse, I still get 
this same message.  What am I doing wrong?

    (3) In the documentation, under 'Quick Start', it talks about how to 
convert a pre-existing MH mail folder or UUCP/Unix mailbox file. I don't know 
what those are, but I know my server uses Apache/Unix (Redhat I think?).  I 
create email accounts via a control panel on my system, and access them with 
Outlook Express using standard SMTP and POP info.  I don't know where this mail 
is kept on the server, or how to access it. Is there any documentation that 
explains this in a bit more detail?

    (4) Based on the above, am I hopelessly out of my depth here?

    (5) How do I uninstall MHonArc?
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