Newbie: Case sensitive and thread date limit

2004-12-07 07:08:34

I´ve just installed mhonarc and read archive before posting this, with no 
success to this questions:

- How can I set case sensitive ordering in my subjects. I have two different 
messages called, lets say "A question" and "a question", and I don´t want they 
to appear in the same thread  
- Also, I have two different messages with the same subject, but sent in very 
different times (lets say a month between first and second) so I don't want 
they to appear in the same thread, allthought subjects are different. How can I 
do this? Is there a time limit in the dates a thread can span?

I´m very impressed about mhonarc. In just an hour I have been able to nicely 
sort thousands off messages that were using up all my disk space...I thought it 
would be much more difficult...:-)

Thank you.    
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