Re: Newbie: Case sensitive and thread date limit

2004-12-15 13:57:59
On December 7, 2004 at 14:09, "Pablo J Royo" wrote:

- How can I set case sensitive ordering in my subjects. I have two 
different messages called, lets say "A question" and "a question", and I 
don´t want they to appear in the same thread  
- Also, I have two different messages with the same subject, but sent in 
very different times (lets say a month between first and second) so I 
don't want they to appear in the same thread, allthought subjects are 
different. How can I do this? Is there a time limit in the dates a thread 
can span?

The best you can do without modify mhonarc code directly is to disable
the SUBJECTTHREADS resource.  If the mail you are archiving reliably
sets the References or In-Reply-To header fields, then disabling
SUBJECTTHREADS is recommended.

Having smarter subject handling with respect to threading would be nice,
but it is not there (yet).


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