Date generated footer and namazu

2005-01-25 18:37:23
I have two queries and can't find anything in the archives, so I wondered
whether anyone might be able to shed some light?

Firstly, I was wondering whether there was a simple way to generate a footer
to each html page showing the time and date that Mhonarc generated that
page? It would help me see (and demonstrate to others) that the archive
directory, for example, was up to date.

Secondly, I have successfully used phpdig to generate a crude looking search
engine associated with the mail archive but I think I would much rather be
using Namazu. However, the website has been down for several
months. I wondered whether there were any links anyone had on how to go
about installing it? I believe that the source files are still available for
download, but I have a feeling I will need some instructions.



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