Messages and virus scanner

2005-03-24 16:03:32
This is a great tool, and I love it. Just started using it yesterday, and am 
planning on archiving all my messages this way. Would love an option to save as 
txt files as well if easily possible. Only one problem encountered with the 

I am having a problem with the temporary names assigned to attachments and a 
.bin extension. My virus scanner is picking these up as the Netsky virus. Is 
there any way to assign a default prefix to temporary files. I also see that 
although many files are renamed with proper extension, there are many that 
remain with a .bin extension. What is causing this to happen. When my virus 
scanner scans the mailbox, it does not find any viruses so I assume it is the 
name assigned by Mhonarc. I cannot find that name anywhere in the main file.


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