Re: Modern mail archive layout using mhonarc

2009-02-25 22:25:11
Thank you Earl;

Not sure if this will help you, but years ago, I did a custom job for
Cisco to support the generation of a "discussion" pages.

Is there a working demo of the layout?

I was hoping to modify the work and repackage it for a more general
audience, but never did it.  However, for those interested, your
can download the custom script at the following location:

BTW, the core, venerable code base of mhonarc makes certain things
difficult, especially functionality that implies a more dynamic nature.
And scalability is a problem for large archives.  Mhonarc is a good
example of a program that has out-grown its original intentions :)

Mailing lists and webarchive are still *hot* . the dynamics are better than
the forums as we visit the users (via email) rather than waiting for the
users to login to the forums. I am sure that with a modern utility to
archive the mailing list more will be using it rather than changing to web
boards... I would pay for a good mail list archive utility.

I've considered numerous times to redesign and re-implement mhonarc,
but there has been little motivation to do so.  The work will take
a non-trivial amount of time, and I have other priorities.

Make it a commercial version! I am sure $$ is a good motivation! ;_))
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