Re: Looking for someone to get MHonArc working...

2011-11-13 04:22:59
Hi Medhamsh,

Thanks for the quick response, I was in Hyderabad recently, I have been a few 
times for work...

You can see a listing of all the forums at

Here is one of the forum pages:

The forum archive can be accessed from the above page or directly via:

You can see a listing of all the forums at

I manage the actual mail server on a machine at home (Mac) and messages that go 
to the forum are sent to e.g. hm0001(_at_)www(_dot_)pharmweb(_dot_)net (which 
is the Academic AU forum at There are 104 
forums. John updated the forum each January so that the url with "current" 
included took you to the current year.

John moved the site  to a new virtual server in November and since then the 
archives have not worked. I guess the server needs configuration so that mail 
send to hm0001(_at_)www(_dot_)pharmweb(_dot_)net , 
hm0002(_at_)www(_dot_)pharmweb(_dot_)net etc get sent to MHonArc for processing.

The server was also set up to only accept emails sent from my machine so that 
it could not be spammed (not sure if this was done using the IP address of my 
machine at home?).

I am looking for the following to be done:

1) Update MHonArc to current version (2.6.18) and update Perl.
2) Update Perl - I think much of what is done is via Perl scripts 
3) Get messages to start archiving again (not sure what needs to get set up on 
the server)
4) It would also be useful if the archiving could be set up so that superfluous 
message headers did not show ie only "To", "Subject", "From" and "Date".
5) Instructions on how I can modify appearance of pages
6) Instructions on how I filter emails according to year ie what I need to do 
at the start of each year
7) Instructions on how I ensure only emails sent from my machine are archived
8) Brief notes to show me how to do the above so that I can maintain going 

Is this something you can help with?



On 13 Nov 2011, at 10:08AM, Medhamsh V wrote:


I am not awesome at this but have it running for a list of mine. Please send
what exactly you want. I would try to help you.


On 13 November 2011 15:08,  <Antony(_at_)demanuele(_dot_)net> wrote:

I am looking for someone to help me get MHonArc up and running on my web 
site. A close friend who set this up for me died suddenly in December and I 
now want to get the software working again. Ideally I would like to find 
someone in the Manchester (UK) area but given chances are small anyone 
interested in a small piece of work please let me know and I will send you 
further details.

Best wishes


International Institute of Information Technology