Re: Looking for someone to get MHonArc working...

2011-11-14 11:39:15
Hi Medhamsh,

I run LetterRip Pro on a Mac G5 machine. mhonarc itself is run on a Linux 
machine (along with the web server).

Out of curiosity, i sit possible to run mhonarc on a Mac OS X server?

Best wishes


On 14 Nov 2011, at 9:47AM, Medhamsh V wrote:

Hi Antony,

On 13 November 2011 15:52,  <Antony(_at_)demanuele(_dot_)net> wrote:
I manage the actual mail server on a machine at home (Mac) and messages that
go to the forum are sent to e.g. hm0001(_at_)www(_dot_)pharmweb(_dot_)net 
(which is the

Can I just know what mail server you run?

John moved the site  to a new virtual server in November and since then the
archives have not worked. I guess the server needs configuration so that
mail send to hm0001(_at_)www(_dot_)pharmweb(_dot_)net , 
hm0002(_at_)www(_dot_)pharmweb(_dot_)net etc get sent
to MHonArc for processing.

What mailing list manager are you using? This makes me clear about the way
lists are managed and the way archives can be stored.

The server was also set up to only accept emails sent from my machine so
that it could not be spammed (not sure if this was done using the IP address
of my machine at home?).

Probably it has been configured as whitelist and blocklists rules.

I am looking for the following to be done:

1) Update MHonArc to current version (2.6.18) and update Perl.
2) Update Perl - I think much of what is done is via Perl scripts

There is ample documentation for this and I would help you doing this.

3) Get messages to start archiving again (not sure what needs to get set up
on the server)

A cron job with mhonarc can do this. Pretty straight forward way.

4) It would also be useful if the archiving could be set up so that
superfluous message headers did not show ie only "To", "Subject", "From" and

This can be handled by tweaking things in .mrc file.

5) Instructions on how I can modify appearance of pages.

I am very poor at this. You probably need a css file and use an index.html
and internally pull the mail messages.

6) Instructions on how I filter emails according to year ie what I need to
do at the start of each year

This can be achieved.

7) Instructions on how I ensure only emails sent from my machine are

Mails sent to a particular list can be archived. Isnt this what you want?

8) Brief notes to show me how to do the above so that I can maintain going


By the way, Are you running everything on Macintosh operating system?


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