Re: Message body size limits? (Bigger Problem)

2011-12-03 07:57:10
I should have stayed away from Google Groups.  I liked the feature of having a 
forum they could post from or just email the group.  What I don't like now is 
the horrendous HTML of their output emails from their first couple of years 
when groups was new. Broken tags, especially "<table" and "<br/". Exclusion 
list, don't get me started- Authenticate-x, Mail-list name, Domain-key 
verified, etc... It was almost like they were making them up when they started. 
2010 and 2011 emails are a lot better. 

Ok I know they messed up a lot of things too, but Microsoft has a pretty 
powerful email re-writing script in Outlook 2010.  You can open a message, 
enable editing strip out HTML, then resave it.  Seems to clean up and rewrite 
the header a little better on the resave. 

What has me perplexed now is the 18 unknown messages.  My error log has dropped 
significantly.  These 18 seem to be truncated emails of longer emails.  I have 
287 emails in the folder being read, writing 305 emails on the run output, 
exactly the 18 unknown, subject, date, being written at the end of my 
index.html page.  


On Dec 2, 2011, at 12:53 PM, Jym Dyer <jym(_at_)econet(_dot_)org> wrote:

Google should be shot, maybe Yahoo too since almost every
single message that is blank is from Yahoo.

=v= GMail has led the way in making content more unreadable,
(thereby breaking parsers), first by altering the message
body to replace consecutive spaces with 8bit nonbreaking
spaces, which of course triggers quoted-printable encoding;
then by unnecessarily encoding a whole lot of characters,
newlines in particular.

=v= Yahoo! Mail has for years been pretty brilliant about
compatibility, but the last upgrade copied GMail and done
the same thing to newlines.