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[Namazu-users-en] Re: Problems with mknmz and Perl 5.8.6

2005-06-12 14:10:10
Earl Hood wrote:

Please use it by ASCII text-only.
It is worth noting that namazu-users-en/2000-07/msg00000.html is
actually in ASCII in the raw form (something mhonarc does by default).
The problem is with the unicode character entity references >= 256.
I.e.  MHonArc, by default, converts the iso-2022-jp character data
into raw ASCII, using unicode character entity references for Japanase
characters.  So the raw HTML input is ASCII-only.

Having written only ASCII character was not accurate. 
It was an expression to invite misunderstanding. 

Even if it is ASCII character, it is not good according to the 
character entity references. 
Namazu corresponds to a pure ASCII-only text alone without the 
character entity references. 

Please use it by pure ASCII text-only.

What kind of consideration has there been for supporting Unicode
(UTF-8) in namazu?

It is a problem for Unicode of Namazu. 
The text of ja_JP.UTF-8 can be processed by combining with nkf 2.0.5 
if it limits it to a Japanese environment. 
It is scheduled to do for complete ja_JP.UTF-8 in Namazu 2.2.X. 
Namazu's doing to Unicode for complete will become it further 

There is a hand evaded for the time being by the method of deleting 
numberd entity because it is difficult for Unicode. 
The decode_numbered_entity subroutine of filter/ is rewritten 
as follows. 

sub decode_numbered_entity ($) {
    my ($num) = @_;
    return "?";

Numberd entity can be substituted for '?' by doing so. 
Perhaps, it doesn't influence harmfully by substituting it for '?'. 
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