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2007-08-22 21:47:42
Bill Traynor wrote:

The latter created the indexes and template files in
/usr/local/var/namazu/index/listname fine.

My question is, when browsing the mhonarc created html archives, I
don't see anything regarding searching at all.  So how do I tie
together the mhonarc html files and the namazu templates?

If the index is only one. 

.namazurc are:

Index      /usr/local/var/namazu/index/listname
Template /usr/local/var/namazu/index/listname
Replace /usr/local/var/namazu/index

If you make two or more indices for /usr/local/var/namazu/index/ 

.namazurc are:

Index      /usr/local/var/namazu/index
Template /usr/local/var/namazu/index
Replace /usr/local/var/namazu/index

and NMZ.head of the template directory is edited. 

For selecting multiple indices NMZ.head needs a checkbox. 

      <li><input type="checkbox" name="idxname" value="foo">foo</li>
      <li><input type="checkbox" name="idxname" value="bar">bar</li>
      <li><input type="checkbox" name="idxname" value="baz">baz</li>

In the above example, you can select multiple indices from foo, bar,
and/or baz.


Please refer to
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