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2007-08-23 11:46:20
Bill Traynor wrote:

I have 69 indexes, all at /usr/local/var/namazu/index/<listname>/
Note that these archives are private, which is why my hostname is
required to be

I will also have an additional 23 indexes that will be publically
searchable.  These archives are at

As for Namazu, indices up to 64 can be treated. 
Please use nmzmerge if you may put these indices together. 
Or, Please make the index specifying two or more lists when the index 
is made with mknmz. 


$ cd /path/to/lists/web-archive
$ mkdir /usr/local/var/namazu/index/group1
$ mknmz -O /usr/local/var/namazu/index/group1 list1 list2 list3

Can I accommodate this private/public split somehow with namazu's configs?

It is possible to divide with Replace of .namazurc.
Two or more Replace can be specified. 


Replace /usr/local/var/namazu/index/public
Replace /usr/local/var/namazu/index/private

However, if namazu.cgi is the public, it lists private and it is 
possible to search it. 

If it is unpleasant, namazu.cgi, .namazurc, indecies is put in two 

A) public

The index is made in/usr/local/var/namazu/index/public.

Index    /usr/local/var/namazu/index/public
Template /usr/local/var/namazu/index/public
Replace /usr/local/var/namazu/index/public

B) private

The index is made in/usr/local/var/namazu/index/private. 

Index    /usr/local/var/namazu/index/private
Template /usr/local/var/namazu/index/private
Replace /usr/local/var/namazu/index/private

These namazu.cgi, .namazurc shall not be the same places of the 
local file. 
TADAMASA TERANISHI  yw3t-trns(_at_)asahi-net(_dot_)or(_dot_)jp
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