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Re: [Nmh-workers] unseen sequence after inc into initially-empty folder

2003-12-02 08:30:05
no sure whether this is directly related the to the following thread,
but i want to pass it on before i lose the text.  i just did an inc of
100 messages into an empty folder.  i'm running a CVS snapshot from 
around the time of the bad RC2 release.  it has the simpler of the fixes
being discussed applied to it.  i just got the following message:
    inc: BUG: called folder_realloc with lo (1) > mp->lowmsg (0)

i don't have time right now to look into this -- but i can provide more
details about my code base if anyone needs them...


I do agree that mp->hghmsg++ is simpler than the whole chunk of code
(which I copied from folder_addmsg).  I do think that mp->lowmsg
should be set to 1 if it was zero, though (since there is no message
number 0).  Here's why:

Both calls to folder_realloc() in inc.c use 'mp->lowoff', not 'mp->lowmsg'
for the second argument 'int lo'.  In 'folder_read()', this value will be
at least 1, so the particular code you mention won't fail.

In principle, I agree wholeheartedly about rigorous maintenance of state
variables.  The whole business of dealing with the variables in 
'struct msgs' would be better handled with a C++ class, or just subroutines
that are called when members need to be changed.

However, the nmh code set is a bit of jumble, and I really worry about
unintended side effects of a change that on the surface makes perfect sense.
So at this point I'd want to study the handling of 'mp->lowmsg' before
making the change.

 paul fox, pgf(_at_)foxharp(_dot_)boston(_dot_)ma(_dot_)us (arlington, ma, 
where it's 28.8 degrees)

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