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Re: [Nmh-workers] quotes in personal names

2003-12-14 09:30:06

Hi Robert,

If they are then does any processing need to happen to the double
quoted string if the double quotes are removed?

No (well \X should turn back into X, for any X, including \ and ").
Those are rare.


For display (in scan, and other places) this is irrelevant of course,
there's no problem scan showing the author as being "A, B, and C"
without the quotes.

If the quotes are removed then shouldn't the \X become X where possible
so `From: "abc\def" <foo(_at_)bar(_dot_)com>' would frienderly be `abcdef' and 

friendly() can entirely reasonably remove them.

Also note it is legal (if rarely seen in practice) to have multiple
quoted strings in the display name, as in
       "Nobody" "Special" <nobody(_at_)special(_dot_)com>
so if someone fixes friendly(), handle this as well.

I guess I'm arguing for the double quotes to remain unless effort is
expended to `do it right', e.g. your example above, and that includes
unescaping things since escapes only exist in certain contexts, one of
which is quoted strings.



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