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Re: [Nmh-workers] cannot get envelop sender address correct

2008-05-06 05:12:02
Anders Eriksson wrote:
zhangweiwu(_at_)realss(_dot_)com said:
here is another problem. After several days I found most of the emails I sent
did not arrive. I found it is because nmh always use 
ldomain as my envelop sender address, despite I have: Alternate-Mailboxes:

man mts.conf 

Your looking for draft_from.
Yes you are right. I fixed the problem by using draft_from and set up my
own ~/Mail/components which contains a From: xx line.

But I noticed when I reply somone's message, the From: xx line is
removed. I learned to create replcomps and use the following content for

            To: <Mail-Reply-To> or <Reply-To> or <From>
            cc: <To> and <cc> and <personal address>
            Fcc: {fcc switch} or +outbox
            Subject: Re: <Subject>
            In-Reply-To: <Message-Id>
            From: xxx(_at_)xxx(_dot_)xxx
            References: <Message-Id>
            Comments: In-Reply-To <From> or <apparently from> or <Sender>
               message dated <date>

Then I do a reply, it turns out the parts in brackets (<To>) was not
replaced with the right value.

Then what's the reliable way to make reply also From the same email
address as I do with comp?

I am using exmh so probably this behavior is related to that.

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