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[Nmh-workers] SunOS4.1.4 patch submitted at savannah nmh patch page

2008-05-20 15:06:19

Well, it took me three hours instead of two to get the patch submitted.
For what it is worth, I tested a patched version of today's CVS head
on SunOS4.1.4, Solaris8(sparc), BSDI BSD/OS 3.1 and Slackware 12.x Linux.

Take a look and assess whether it is too much risk to add for the
pending release.  

Thanks,  russ

P.S.  I've been pounding the pavement (door belling) here in Corvallis Oregon
most of the last week for Obama, and have to go pound some more right now.
Oregon is the largest state remaining to vote in the US presidential primary
and in 5 hours the polls will close and the votes counted.

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