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Re: [Nmh-workers] base64 ... just looking for advice

2016-02-21 10:27:39
Wolfgang wrote:

mhfixmsg -verbose -decodetypes text/plain


mhfixmsg: Don't know how to convert ..., there is no mhfixmsg-format-text/htm
l profile entry

That is due to a different transformation, not decoding.  By default 
(-reformat), mhfixmsg tries to add a text/plain part corresponding to each text 
part that doesn't have one.  In this case, that's the text/html part.

The quick workaround is to add -noreformat.

I will commit a change to permanently avoid mhfixmsg treating this as a 
failure.  Though it will still issue the above message with -verbose.

If you want more detail on the cause:

When nmh is installed, it looks for an external program (w3m, lynx, or elinks) 
to convert html to text.  The result is stored in `mhparam 
etcdir`/mhn.defaults.  (This is described in the man page.)  It looks like none 
was found in your case.  Currently, mhfixmsg treats that as an error when it 
encounters a text/html part.  As noted above, I'll change that.


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