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Re: [Nmh-workers] base64 ... just looking for advice

2016-02-22 09:04:33
Paul F. wrote:

i think it would be helpful for the man page to be very explicit about
what mhfixmsg does by default (it's only somewhat implicit, now),

There's a DEFAULTS section near the end.

perhaps along with some example invocations for the most common

Yes, those would be helpful.

i'm a little surprised to not find -decodetext in that invocation,
since your (david's) message arrived with C-T-E of base64, but is in
my inbox with a C-T-E of 8bit.  am i perhaps forgetting something about
my own mh configs?

-decodetext 8bit is the default.

Based on recent experience, and your Swiss-army-knife label, I'm thinking that 
it shouldn't be the default.  But I don't feel strongly about it.


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