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Re: [Nmh-workers] Changes to mh-tailor.man

2017-03-23 17:22:18
It is perhaps worth noting that \- is not an "escaped hyphen" it is a minus
sign (which is wider, and typically thicker and positioned higher, than a

FYI, I thought we had discussed this previously, and we had (a bit).


FWIW, I have heard non-native English speakers call this a "minus".  My
takeaway from that previous discussion was that \- was appropriate for
Unix options.  Quoting Ralph from back then:

So use \- in the man page where you really mean the key next to 0 and it
should come out as usable on a terminal but still looking nice in a PDF.
(Proof-reading of man pages should always vet the Postscript/PDF

I'm personally neutral on what should be done there, but it would be nice
to make a decision, stick with it, and document it.


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