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Re: [nmh-workers] Stupid 'pick' question...

2019-06-09 02:21:14
Hi Valdis,

    -search 'Subject[ \t]:[ \t]*\[PATCH [45]\.[0-9]'

[~] grep ^Subject Mail/linux-kernel/321805
Subject: Re: [PATCH 4.9 04/20] net: Fix for_each_netdev_feature on Big endian
[~] scan `pick +linux-kernel 321805 -search 'Subject: \[PATCH [45]\.[0-9]' 
-and -from gregkh@linuxfoundation.org -list`
321805      *  Thu 21Feb      7k Greg Kroah-Hartma  Re: [PATCH 4.9 04/20] 
net: Fix for_each_netdev_feature on Big endian <<On Thu, Feb 21,
There's still something busticated here.  Why did it match even with
the Re: in there?

Your grep is looking for Search at the start of a line, your pick isn't.
The email has the original, non-Re:, subject in the email's body.

   A  modified  grep(1)  is used to perform the matching, so the full regular 
   (see ed(1)) facility is available within pattern.   With  -search,  
pattern  is  used
   directly, and with the others, the grep pattern constructed is:

That's ugly formatting.  I find «export MANOPT='--nh --nj'» helps a lot
with the man(1) here.

Also, saw this under 'BUG' in the pick manpage:

The pattern syntax '[l-r]' is not supported; each letter to be matched
must be included within the square brackets.

I think Paul Fox fixed that back in 2006.

Cheers, Ralph.


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